Sunday, 5 March 2017

Weekly Trip to Silver Lake, Pattaya

Weekly Trip To Silver Lake Vineyard, Pattaya

- One of the charming Village Community Mall where we enjoyed shopping and touring around, where there are many delicious homemade juice and jams, the taste of vine-fresh grapes and many other grapes products made on site.

Waiting for more passengers.

Harvest time for free taste.

Fresh green grapes, ready for harvest.

Small green grapes.

She loves to water the plants. 

This is where the grapes being made into juice and wine.
Free grape juice in the factory area.
Lunch date after the trip in Steak Restaurant Central Mall, Pattaya.

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  1. As I understood you have nice adventure there, and interested me in going there too! For now I live in Chiang Mai and think that its just beautiful city for living and working. My regular transport here is bike that I rented here, cause only this guys told me all useful tips that I needed to know before driving bike in Thailand.