Friday, 29 June 2018

Monthly Trip to Snake Farm

Last November  GIS boarders visited the oldest & most famous Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute -Snake Farm.
The facility serves as an educational institute that offers programs about dealing with snakes from harmless to dangerous as well as the do’s & don’ts when encountering one. Furthermore, the center conducts research in developing treatment against rabies & anti-venom that is very beneficial to people in Thailand.
As we explored the snake garden, snake exhibit & attended the snake handling show we were introduced to various kinds of snakes and their habitat. It is very interesting to be educated about the living habits of snakes & whether to fear it or not, as some snakes are also helpful to farmers.
The highlight of the trip was having the chance to encounter & take photos with a real albino boa constrictor. It was indeed a wonderful experience having fun while learning.

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